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Vipul Bhardwaj

Senior Software Engineer at LeadSquared

I enjoy building, learning & exploring things that live on the web and beyond. Love to talk about all things related to technology, business, and almost anything interesting.

  • Vipul Bhardwaj
  • Sep 30, 2020
    • JavaScript
    • Algorithm
    • Performance

Removing duplicate objects from an Array

Building a faster Algorithm

In this blog, we consider the problem of filtering array to remove non primitive values like objects from an array, and building a faster and more scalable algorithm using modern Javascript features like Symbols

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  • Vipul Bhardwaj
  • Aug 21, 2020
    • React Native
    • Electron
    • Jargon

Offline-first Apps, huh ?

Explaining what it is

In this blog, we define what are offline first apps, what is the paradigm they are used in. What makes them different from normal apps, what are the conditions that qualifies an app as offline first app ?

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