Hi, my name is

Vipul Bhardwaj

Senior Software Engineer at LeadSquared

I enjoy building, learning & exploring things that live on the web and beyond. Love to talk about all things related to technology, business, and almost anything interesting.

About Me

Hello! I'm Vipul, a software engineer based in India.

At my day job, I primarily work with the core product team at LeadSquared where most of my efforts are centered towards improving the performance of our product.

Apart from work, I'm love to build small tools, POC(proof of concept) automation projects that can helps me in my day to day workflow(or just things of interest). I try to actively contribute to open source projects which solve interesting problems.

Somethings I have build stuff with

  • Java
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • Javascript
Framework And Libraries
  • Vue
  • React
  • Flask
  • Laravel
  • Android
  • React Native
  • Ruby on Rails
  • NodeJS / Express
Tools And Services
  • Redis
  • Twilio
  • Bugsnag
  • Castlabs DRM
  • Agora RTC, RTM
  • AWS Lambda, S3, etc

Work History

Full Time and Internship Roles

Senior Software Engineer @ LeadSquared

Jan 2021 - Present

  • Currently working in the "Micro Frontend" Team, building the foundations of our migrating from our giant monolith to micro services on our entrire platform to boost our products performance and explore better scaling opportunities.

Software Engineer @ VinSol

May 2019 - Dec 2020

  • Core Team at uLesson App. Key learnings include working with DRM Protection, RTC, WebRTC & custom data processing pipelines.
  • Worked on Plateaue Permit. Key learning include working with VueJS, Laravel, Web QR Scanner, QR Data Encoding.
  • Build an Internal R&D collabration tool using Ruby on Rails.

Fullstack Intern @ Youstart Labs

April – July 2018

  • Worked solely on building a Javascript library used at Youstart Labs as an inhouse payment integration solution, providing an abstract interface for Payment Gateways like Stripe, etc. Powered by a NodeJs backend, developers could use the charge function, passing in the configuration which launches a standardized model for payments, lowering down gateway integrations time to about 70% in the majority of cases.
  • Worked with Ionic, to build cross platform Hybrid Apps.

Freelance Work

Somethings I've Built

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Node Framework

NRAF is a lightweight, zero dependency (no external libraries are used) NodeJS Framework. NRAF is used in couple of production apps and has 14 plus ★ on github. Designed as a minimal REST API framework, it also serves as a non overwhelming resource for folks are new to framework development and want to get a feel for it.

Node Framework

Banking App Starter
Demo React App

A project built as part of hiring challenge, later open sourced for learning use which includes features like secure authentication, authorization, applying for a loan, saving progress for partially filled loan form upon logout, loan categorization based on the forms complition status, auto logout after a set time of inactivity, and more.

React, Flask

Colourful Crap
A Fun Chrome Extension

Colourful Crap is a fun chrome extension that gives a unique jazz to your NewTab window. When you open the New Tab, instead of showing the boring default page, it shows you quotes on colourful backgrounds which are picked from a random set of colours and users can also add there favourite quotes.

Javascript, Chrome APIs

And there is a lot more, which you can find here.

What's next ?

Get In Touch

I'm actively looking for my next role where I can help build something meaningful and grow professionally. So if you have a question or just want to say hi, feel free to reach out and I'll try my best to get back asap.